About Us

3-Dimensional Reality

Hooks 3- Dimensional Investments LLC was founded by
Murcedes Hooks, MPH in 2021. Murcedes Hooks has over 10+ years of experience in property management and business. With Murcedes having a creative eye, she wants to create a three dimensional luxurious and affordable inclusive weekend getaway and rental home property experience to provide lavish living. Creating a sense of three dimensional reality where luxury meets lavishness. In addition to Real Estate, Hooks 3-Dimensional Investments provides strategic consulting in the areas of Public Relations and Brand Development. Murcedes Hooks aligned her passion for helping others to fulfill her purpose. Shaping and improving the clients brand while providing a 3-Dimensional experience is our motto.

Hooks 3- Dimensional Investment LLC was created to invest in newly construction, commercial, residential and multifamily properties to provide a luxurious and affordable “Airbnb” and rental home 3- D experience. Our focus is to provide our target audience the comfort and convenience of an extended luxurious short-term and long-term rental stay. Looks can be deceiving on the outside, but with our help, creating a sense of three dimensional reality where luxury meets lavish. Shaping and improving clients’ public image is our motto through social media outlets and community activist to gain the interest of stakeholders, silent and angel investors. Establishing advertisement through online social media communication and public speaking (as needed). Creating competitive advantages in the best interest of the client. Overall, develop guidelines and tactics to stay ahead of the competition. Building the 3-E Model (Elevation, Empowerment & Expansion)